Fact folder : Quarantine only for Germans!

In these unusual, tense and difficult times around the world, people have more time to deal with people and their media online. Unfortunately, many portals, political institutes or even people who like to rush and spread fake news are taking advantage of the current situation to carry out certain political propaganda.

In this parallel world, the following is then spread: “Corona is an invented lie by the Federal Government to distract from refugee problems. The initial restriction is only there so that we don’t see Merkel flying more “gold pieces” into the country. Only Germans have to remain in quarantine if they are infected with the coronavirus. Foreigners are allowed to move freely despite infection.” Such news can be read on many online platforms and is shared by ignorant people.

Photo: Enin Aykurt/Pixabay

The fact is:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), we are currently talking about an international pandemic that is spreading to more and more countries. This means that the disease is not a German problem, but a pandemic that endangers the lives of many people. A look at Italy, Spain or the USA shows the extent of the threat posed by Covid19, which makes acute measures necessary. In Germany there is no curfew, but rather curfew restrictions, which have been implemented to slow down the spread of the virus and not to overtax the health care system. Asylum seekers also have to obey the rules and they are reported to the police just like other citizens if they violate the measures.

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