Fact sheet: Corona measures relaxed because of Ramadan

“Because of Corona we were not allowed to celebrate Easter with the family but they are allowed to celebrate Ramadan. Measures were relaxed because of Ramadan, so Muslims can go to mosques.” This and similar fake news for targeted hate has been circulating in social media in Germany for a few weeks. So that even in these times, which are equally stressful for everyone, the enemy image of Islam can continue to be maintained in certain groups.

Quelle: Ahmad Ardity

The fact is:
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims do not celebrate throughout Ramadan, but fast daily from sunrise to sunset. Only at the end of Ramadan the breaking of the fast is celebrated with the Eid. All this is done independently of any gathering in mosques or with other fasting people. The corona measures, which have been in force in Germany for weeks, naturally also apply to mosques. Friday prayers and other prayers that usually take place during Ramadan are affected by the new rules and therefore may not take place.

The Federal Constitutional Court decided on 29 April 2020 that exceptions can be applied for because of Friday prayers. The complaint was filed by a Muslim association from Lower Saxony, which wanted to hold Friday prayers in compliance with hygiene regulations, depending on the danger situation (i.e. the number of cases of infection). The Constitutional Court agreed with the plaintiffs, but emphasized that this applied to synagogues, mosques and churches.

However, this decision is now obsolete. Because since May 02, 2020, services in churches (without application) are again permitted under conditions. This shows that in an exceptional situation like the present one, government and society have to realign themselves. Every week, almost daily, the legal basis of our daily life changes with measures and relaxations. However, no religion has been explicitly favoured or discriminated against by politics, because in Germany, according to article 3 paragraph 1 of the Basic Law, the principle of equality applies to the equal treatment of all people – this also applies to religions!

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