Orient Bazar in Chemnitz

There are shops all over the country that ensure the daily needs of the communities even in these difficult times. One of them is the Orient Market, which today sells more than two thousand articles. Thus the shop near the Brühl has been part of the townscape since 2015.

Everything that is needed in everyday life, we offer regionally. Besides household appliances and the typical food like fruits, vegetables, tea/coffee, sweets etc. we also offer fresh meat, which is the main reason why many customers visit us. This is supplied to many restaurants in Chemnitz because of the good quality. Besides we have spices of the Persian, Afghan cuisine and Arabic/Turkish bread. Another reason for a visit is our rice offer, for this we have selected ten sorts from different countries before.

Of course, since a few years there is more demand for these products among people who know the products from their home country. But over time we have also built up friendships with many local neighbours who like to come to us. Some years ago people had to travel as far as Leipzig, Dresden or Berlin to buy certain oriental products. So our advantage is the regional availability of exotic goods.

Our retail stores offer adequate space for the customers, so that they can also be kept at an appropriate distance when shopping.

In January of this year we took over the business from a gentleman from Iran who had already been running the market here for five years. My husband and I are now trying to run the business successfully. We want to continue to offer international food at reasonable prices in Chemnitz in the future.

Our concept is based on employees and shoppers taking away some of the atmosphere with a little Iranian music. We try to be a pleasant part of the neighborhood and hope that people will perhaps gain a little interest in oriental culture through the food.

However, since the spread of Covid-19 and the corresponding measures, our lives have also changed. It is an unusual picture to see people in disguise. Also many rules, like the minimum distance at the checkout, which we marked, are new experiences. Like many other supermarkets, we have done our best to provide the people in Chemnitz with all their daily needs. We cordially invite you to join us.

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