Comment: Discrimination on the grounds of racism

I followed the many demonstrations full of anger and indignation against the murder of the US-American George Floyd by a policeman who did not show mercy for his pleas and weakness – although Floyd could not breathe. Unfortunately the policeman did not care about all this, did not stop to put pressure on the neck, so that Floyd died later.

Trauernde Menschen haben Blumen vor einem Graffiti von George Floyd abgelegt.
Foto: Munshots/Unsplash

We as individuals and as a newspaper respect the resulting protests and say: No to racism and all forms of discrimination. The idea of discrimination on the basis of skin colour, religion or nationality must end. Humanity stands in the way of its own progress until we all finally stand up for equal rights for all. Governments must be tougher on anyone who discriminates or is prejudiced. There must of course be respect for the police, but they must also always listen to their own conscience and comply with the laws against discrimination.

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