Health card for all

In an open letter to Minister of State Petra Köpping in April, Saxon medical networks and offices, among others, demanded the introduction of an electronic health card “for all people living in Saxony”.

The initiatives demand that people without health insurance can still receive medical care. This includes all people receiving asylum seekers’ benefits, people without legal residence status, unemployed EU citizens and homeless people. Until now, they had to apply for and collect a treatment certificate from the social welfare office before each visit to the doctor.
According to the letter’s demand, the “health card for all” must come with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic at the latest. Even the assumption of costs for a SARS-CoV test is uncertain, although access to the tests is an important tool for disease prevention. Without a test, the isolation of affected persons in the often already precarious life situations is hardly possible.

Furthermore, it is demanded that state authorities take responsibility for providing adequate medical care for all. The promise not to transfer data of undocumented migrants to police authorities must be kept in order to create a basis of trust.

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Some federal states, such as Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg and Thuringia, have already successfully set up the electronic health card for all. In Dresden, the introduction has been implemented since April 2020, and the Leipzig city council followed the Dresden example in June 2020 – the chip card is to come after successful negotiations with the health insurance companies. However, in order to avoid a patchwork of different local regulations, the Saxon state government should enforce a state-wide regulation.

Medical networks and medical offices provide medical care nationwide to uninsured and insufficiently insured persons, most of whom are undocumented. They also advocate political solutions to put an end to the discriminatory and dangerous practice of excluding certain groups of people from the health care system in whole or in part. Their work is purely voluntary and based on donations. Also Chemnitz has since beginning of the yearly a Medibüro, to reach under 0179 7275686 or

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