Chemnitz Mayoral Election

On September 20, the new mayor is elected in Chemnitz. We have prepared a short overview with some basic data for each applicant. Additional information is available online and on September 13th in the election forum “Solidarisches Chemnitz – Stadt für alle – Gegen Rassismus und rechte Hetze” in the Stadthallenpark Chemnitz. Here we will be on site as well.

Eine Frau hält ein Schild auf dem "You can not fix stupid, but you can vote it out!" ´
Foto: Heather Mount via Unsplash

Susanne Schaper (DIE LINKE)

Susanne Schaper is a trained nurse, has been a city councillor for Chemnitz since 2009 and a member of the Saxon state parliament since 2014. With “7 Points for 7 Years” she supports climate change and justice in Chemnitz. She wants to counteract the displacement of low-income people from certain districts, promote Chemnitz sports and culture and find an answer to the increasing brutalization in society. Climate and environmental protection and equal participation of all people should be promoted just as much as the economy and education.

Volkmar Zschocke (Grüne)

Volkmar Zschocke first trained as a toolmaker and later studied social pedagogy. He has already been a city councilor for Chemnitz several times, has been a member of the Saxon district council since 2014 and was elected mayor of Chemnitz in 2013. He wants to develop Chemnitz and the surrounding region, among other things, through the application for the Capital of Culture, long-distance train connections and tourism. He sees an opportunity for the economy and new jobs in the energy revolution, changes in the automotive industry, changes in the health and social economy and digitalization. As mayor he wants to promote the community of the city society and expand political participation.

Almut Patt (CDU)

Almut Patt is a lawyer by profession, joined the CDU in 2003 and has been a city councilor in Chemnitz since 2009. She would like to support the foundation of a Chemnitz Department of Economics, create jobs and improve education. It is also important to her that the authorities in Chemnitz create more digital services. She would like to provide better support for families and values more security in Chemnitz. When it comes to migration, she wants to make it possible for people to enter the labor market quickly. She also wants to avoid the formation of ghettos and have integration measures examined.

Sven Schulze (SPD)

Sven Schulze has a degree in business administration and has worked as an executive in several companies. Since 2015 he has been Mayor of Finance and Personnel in Chemnitz. He wants to promote Chemnitz as capital of culture and sports. He wants to develop Chemnitz as a city where everyone can live safely and can afford affordable and good housing. He emphasizes economy and education and wants to strengthen the TU Chemnitz. He also believes that traffic must be improved.

Lars Fassmann (parteilos)

Lars Fassmann studied Business Informatics at the TU Chemnitz and worked there as a research assistant. The current entrepreneur wants to create jobs and promote the economic development of Chemnitz’s creative companies. He supports Chemnitz’ application for the Capital of Culture and wants to involve the citizens of Chemnitz in political decisions.

Matthias Eberlein (Freie Wähler)

The business graduate has managed several companies at home and abroad. In Chemnitz, he wants to correct urban development, strengthen education and the TU Chemnitz, establish security and enforce law. In addition, investments are to be realized and infrastructure and economy developed.

Paul Vogel (PARTEI)

Paul Vogel of the satirical party DIE PARTEI is committed to secure jobs, good wages and money for non-working people. From his point of view all basic conditions for a pension from which one can later live in dignity. He also demands an innovative economy and a fair tax policy. Senior citizens should remain at the political center of DIE PARTEI.

Ulrich Oehme (AfD):

The insurance broker, a former member of the right-wing populist and Islamophobic party “Die Freiheit”, has been a member of the AfD since its foundation in 2013. He would like to attract more industry to Chemnitz and above all strengthen the middle class. By 2030, Chemnitz should have 300,000 inhabitants again. He advocates more security through a 24-hour service of the city order service in the city center. On Facebook he warns of crime through immigration, the world government of Soros or dangers for the German Leitkultur.

Martin Kohlmann (Pro Chemnitz)

Martin Kohlmann is an attorney and is primarily active in criminal law. He has been a member of the Chemnitz city council for 21 years and warns of the criminal danger posed by immigration, saying that immigrants are responsible for half of all crimes [1]. In August 2018 after the killing of Daniel H. he led the protests of Pro Chemnitz. He wants to abolish the obligation to wear masks in Germany, because he sees no danger from the spread of Covid-19 in Germany due to the case numbers in Chemnitz. Instead, he sees the freedom of opinion in Germany as endangered.

[1] Official crime statistics from Chemnitz from April 2020 states that 71 percent of all crimes were committed by Germans. In total, 7.2 percent fewer crimes were recorded.

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