Days in Lockdown

Erika, a beautiful old typewriter, moved in with us today. I found her on eBay. The room needed a new spirit to beautify the corner.

Eine Schreibmaschine auf einem Tisch.
Erika found a new home.

Erika is in perfect health. She lacks only the water of her life, which gives life to decorated words. Nobody knows how many seasons the cruel previous owner left her without water.

It is difficult to be old. It will take her some time to get used to her new place. The laptop gave her his place today. However, he did not fail to warn her before he left: “Sister, this guy always eats at this table. He often spills his food on my keyboard. You are more sensitive than me, take care of yourself. Hey Mehmet, make an effort to eat!”

Poor laptop – what he had to put up with. It suffered under me for years. I took it, cleaned it and apologized to it for the unpleasant time.

“Erika is a sensitive, old, emotional lady. You have to take care of her and look after her very well,” he said. I replied, “Yeah man, I get it. Just because I don’t understand women, you can’t treat me like a piece of wood. And if you continue to exaggerate, I will delete your hard drive or format you…Then you will have forgotten everything and know nothing anymore.”

My words shocked him… I could see the fear on his screen very well. He touched my index finger with the touchpad and said, “Ok ok, you’re the boss.”
I stopped, thought and realized how bossy I was towards my belongings. Am I some kind of despot?

This typewriter has been the only feminine object to enter my house in a long time. Maybe I can learn a little kindness and courtesy from her. So old Erika – welcome!

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